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This satirical eye-opener suggests how properly tied and sized bow ties can be a positive alternative to long ties.

The International Bow Tie Society’s mission is to leverage the interests of bow tie lovers to create benefits, products, value, and friendship amount 1000’s of members worldwide.

Bowtie Bible
Chuck Blackburn

Chuck Blackburn
International Bow Tie Society
Author – The Bow Tie Bible

Chuck Blackburn is a lifelong bow tie fan. Decades ago, he owned a manufacturers’ rep business providing tailored clothing as well as quality handmade neckwear, including bow ties, to many of the best traditional men’s specialty shops throughout the country.  He believes bow ties are not just a fashion option, but a personal lifestyle statement of a discerning individualist.

About Bow Ties

Meet Chuck Blackburn: The essential guide to how and why to bow tie…THE BOW TIE BIBLE is a hilarious read and, according to the International Bow Tie Society the top gift for Father’s Day!
Chuck will sign and personalize all copies for your members and guests.

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How to Tie a Bow Tie

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Ten Commandments of Bow Ties

I. Thou shalt NOT wear pre-tied or ‘clip-on’ bow ties.

II. Thou shalt NOT wear bow ties horizontally wider or vertically taller than your eye sockets.

III. Thou shalt NOT wear bow ties so neat and symmetrical as to appear pre-tied.

IV. Thou shalt NOT wait past age 12 to learn how to properly tie a bow tie.

V. Thou shalt volunteer to help others learn to properly tie bow ties.

VI. Thou shalt assist others in understanding how and why one would choose to wear bow ties especially if they are relatives.

VII. Thou shalt tactfully correct others improperly wearing bow ties.

VIII. Thou shalt learn how to communicate to others why you prefer bow ties as a positive alternative to long ties.

IX. Thou shalt own at least two dozen properly sized and shaped quality, hand-made bow ties that you love.

X. Thou shalt suggest friends, family, and colleagues to go join today regardless of their neckwear preferences.

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