International Bowtie Society

"You can’t dribble on bow ties."

- Dr. Seuss

The International Bowtie Society

For the Discerning Individualists

Long Ties

Long ties are nice, asthetically pleasing, and a safe bet for most men; however, those in the know point out that long ties are well past their original practical purpose…protecting dress shirt fronts! Really? (bibs?) The Wall Street Journal reports they’re a health risk! Cleaning and disinfecting ties is rare allowing harmful bacteria to collect and multiply on the exposed, silk surface. Ironically, the primary source of harmful bacteria is not food, spittle or mucus, but the wearers own fingers constantly tightening and loosening the slip knot and his futile attempts at keeping the expensive silk out of harms way!

Bow Ties

Bow Ties conversely, utilize a stable double-knot and can never get in the way. Self-tied, right-sized bow ties are not just a fashion option, or a health precaution for a well-dressed gentleman, but the personal lifestyle statement of well educated, discerning individualists comfortable in their own skin! Not unlike Sir Winston Churchill, patron saint of bow ties, IBTS is made up of audacious non-conformists agreeing that properly sported bow ties are a positive alternative to the impractical, expensive, uncomfortable, germ ridden long ties unwittingly worn by the conforming masses.

Our Mission

The IBTS mission is to leverage the interests of bow tie wearers (and potential wearers) to create benefits, value, and friendships among thousands of members worldwide.

This includes special pricing, selection, availability of quality bow ties purchased online from manufacturers carefully vetted and selected with special pricing offers for IBTS members only.

Become a member now and be able to tell other discerning individualists you’re part of the first ever International Bow Tie Society!

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Bowtie Bible

Bowtie Bible


Bow ties are not just a men’s fashion option. Wearing a bow tie in a predominately long tie world makes a personal statement about a discerning man’s individualism and how comfortable he is in his own skin.

Meet The Man

Wacky Non-Conformist

Chuck Blackburn

Chuck Blackburn | Founder

Chuck Blackburn grew up and graduated college in Texas. He and his wife live in beautiful Brentwood, Tennessee. Chuck has been a fan of bow ties all his life. Decades ago he owned a manufacturers’ representative firm providing fine tailored clothing, accessories, and high quality neckwear (including bow ties) to the best men’s specialty shops in a 12 state area surrounding Chicago. Chuck became aware then, that more often than not, manufacturers and specialty shop owners treated bow ties as an afterthought (a by-product to the long silk”bibs” most men wore). Manufacturers and retailers did this because bow tie wearers’ strong preference and lack of credible information and variety of choice…until now, with the International Bow Tie Society.


Be In The Know

Ten Commandments of Bow Ties

I. Thou shalt NOT wear pre-tied or ‘clip-on’ bow ties.

II. Thou shalt NOT wear bow ties horizontally wider or vertically taller than your eye sockets.

III. Thou shalt NOT wear bow ties so neat and symmetrical as to appear pre-tied.

IV. Thou shalt NOT wait past age 12 to learn how to properly tie a bow tie.

V. Thou shalt volunteer to help others learn to properly tie bow ties.

VI. Thou shalt assist others in understanding how and why one would choose to wear bow ties especially if they are relatives.

VII. Thou shalt tactfully correct others improperly wearing bow ties.

VIII. Thou shalt learn how to communicate to others why you prefer bow ties as a positive alternative to long ties.

IX. Thou shalt own at least two dozen properly sized and shaped quality, hand-made bow ties that you love.

X. Thou shalt suggest friends, family, and colleagues to go join for free or pay a little for more today regardless of their neckwear preferences.

Bow Tie Blog

What the fashion industry isn’t telling us…

The fashion industry is not helping those of us trying to advance the bow tie cause. Fashionistas know it is not in their best interest financially for gentlemen to suddenly embrace the bow tie culture and switch away from long ties. However, as fashions change; eye sockets do not. While dress slacks look best when…


Changing the bow tie stereotype

We at IBTS wonder if otherwise intelligent and worldly gentlemen might be harboring a variety of negative stereotypes buried deep in their subconscious, maybe dating back decades. These negative experiences, coupled with seeing others (even high-profile celebrities) improperly wearing bow ties, scares and thus deters these otherwise open-minded men from breaking away from deep-seeded adverse…


Why a Bow Tie Bible?

The Bow Tie Bible attempts to expose, define, and showcase the bow tie culture about to experience a paradigm shift in our predominately long tie world. We pose questions like, “Why would a presumably well-educated, well-dressed stylish man—without engaging in any thought process—bind his neck with an often uncomfortable, somewhat impractical, usually more expensive, surprisingly…